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Walt Disney World Visitors Can Skip The Front Desk During Direct To Room Check-in Test (world View) By Adrienne Vincent-phoenix

Brooklyn Marching Band Performs at Walt Disney World | cleveland.com

If participants opt to receive an e-mail notification, the message includes a copy of the resort map marked with room number maps. Those who opt only for text message notifications receive a message that says simply, "Your room number XXXX is ready," and invites them to go directly to their room. I've been told that a future upgrade of the system will allow Disney cast members monitoring the notification system to send a resort map to a guest on request, which will likely prove handy for guests who opt only for text alerts and cannot find their room based on number alone. Although this new system saves a bit time at the very start of the trip, there are still reasons you may want to visit the front desk even if you are eligible for Direct to Room check-in. For example, guests who need to park a personal or rental car must go to the front desk to obtain a parking permit, and people travelling together who want to use separate credit cards for their individual room charges need to visit the front desk to set that up, as the online check-in system cannot handle multiple forms of payment. In my mind, the time savings comes at the price of missing out on the personal welcome to Walt Disney Worldthat "welcome to the World" moment which, at least now, is not replaced by cheap disney vacations any other aspect of the My Disney Experience offering. Those first few moments in the intricately themed hotel lobbies are meant to help transition you into vacation mode, and transport you to a certain time and place. The welcome packet guests now receive at check-in contains information that is especially useful to first-time visitors, and the lobby is where you go to learn about resort activities like resort tours, outdoor movies, pool parties, and campfire events. During this test, welcome packets are still created as soon as the online check-in process is complete, but guests still have to visit the front desk to pick up the folder.
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Nine non-Disney trucks and one representing ESPN will also be at the Trucks on the Town event, which some are calling a big step forward for the Central Florida food-truck industry. "The Florida culinary scene is already in the national spotlight," said Mark Baratelli, founder and publisher of The Daily City blog and an organizer of area food-truck events, including Saturday's Trucks on the Town. Pictures: Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando adoptable pets "Being able to showcase our food trucks to visitors just widens the scope and feeds the local economy. This is a win-win for everyone. Small local businesses have a chance to collaborate with a corporate giant. Even though we have had strong growth over the last three years, this is an exciting move for Central Florida." Disney has been working with local food trucks for some time now. And fans of mobile food vendors may be surprised that local trucks roll on to the resort property at the invitation of Disney. Later this summer, Downtown Disney plans to open a permanent food-truck park between Bongos Cuban Cafe and the new Starbucks .
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Walt Disney World joins food truck brigade - Orlando Sentinel

Walt Disney hosts 1st Food Truck Rally "I told the band that they probably would be back at another point in their lives, but it will never be this time with these people, together, again. The marching band is a close group. The fellowship of playing, performing and sharing in the process of making music in motion is what makes that bond so strong." Brooklyn's Hurricane Marching Band Courtesy of Sean Sullivan The high school students began payments in February 2013 to cover the trip's expenses of travel, food, lodging, and fun. Sixteen months later, their investment of hard work, hours of practice, and finances was realized when they boarded the two private buses at Brooklyn High School on Friday, June 6. Packed to the hilt with instruments, uniforms, luggage, students, chaperones, and loads of excitement, the busses pulled out of Brooklyn at 8:00 p.m. Unfortunately, more than an hour into the trip one of the busses broke down, obligating the group to wait on the side of the highway for a replacement. Within two hours they were back on the road, safely arriving in Orlando Saturday evening. Per Disney's strict and meticulous stipulations, the Hurricettes danced in the parade wearing their long-sleeved leotards and boots, while the band marched and played in their complete uniforms of wool jackets, long pants, hats, gloves, and black shoes all perfect wear for northern Ohio's chilly football season, but a proven challenge under Florida's afternoon sun. Nonetheless, they looked sharp and sounded great, persevering through the heat and sweat.
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